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Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Dry Foam Cleaning Method

Dry Foam cleaning is a minimum-moisture method Following vacuuming,

•Dense foam is produced

Through mechanical aeration and distributed via a mechanical brush. The excess foam and suspended soil extraction using a wet vacuum typically.

Bonnet Cleaning Method

The Bonnet cleaning method 15

Also called the Absorbent Pad method. It is a minimum moisture method.

Following vacuuming, a detergent solution is applied to the carpet then extracted using an absorbent pad/bonnet attached to a drive block on a low rom rotary floor machine.

Shampoo Cleaning Method

Following Vacuuming

Shampoo is distributed to the carpet with a mechanical brush.

The shampoo and suspended soil is extracted by either a wet vacuum or dry vacuuming process

Hot Water Extraction Method

Following vacuuming, a cleaning product is applied to the carpet and agitated. The cleaning product and suspended soil is extracted by rinsing with water from a portable or truck-mounted extraction unit, which may contain rinsing agents or emulsifiers.


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